Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dream Home: Walls of Books

Yes, they are ridiculously heavy to pack. And yes, they might not be the most practical collection for a couple who's likely facing several moves over the next few years. But I can't help it -- books are one of my absolute favorite things to have lying around in massive quantities, and if they can be contained in built-in bookshelves, or even -- dare I say it? -- color-coordinated, well, there's really not much better than that.

{via Simply Seleta}

{Elle Decor}

{via Simply Seleta}

{Martha Stewart}



Deep window seats
Filled with light


  1. I totally agree with this "wall-of-books" situation. It has been one of my recent dreams to! One day, one day.

  2. Having bookshelves like that would be so wonderful, because there is room for everything. Now that would be my dream.... :)


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