Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Timeless glamour

Oh man I love this image so much. I love that it could be from the 20's or 50's just as easily as it could be from yesterday. Let's plan for my wedding reception to look just like this one day, mmmkay?

Image c/o A Bryan Photo


  1. Remind me to scan you a copy of a gift I received a few years ago - a framed print of my grand parents hosting a cocktail party many, many years ago! I knew it was hereditary!

  2. That sounds amazing, Lisa! Would love to see.

  3. Not surprised that this is the image you have of your wedding! Tho none of the weddings we crashed when you were a little girl looked like this!!

  4. I mostly remember crashing the ceremonies! I'll take that as a good thing, seeing as that's where the focus is supposed to be, anyway. :)


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