Monday, June 29, 2009

Board No. 38: Cherries Jubilee

{Click image to enlarge!}

I'm in Michigan this week, a place I've never really been before {I spent a weekend in Detroit, but I don't think that counts...}. I hear Michigan is the nation's leading cherry grower, so what better way to start off the week than with this jubilant and elegant summer wedding inspiration?

The Details:
First row, left to right: cherry favors from Wedding Style Guide; calligraphed place cards from Martha Stewart Weddings; red bouquet photo by Meg Smith

Second row: ribbon escort card display photo by Meg Smith; raspberry and blackberry centerpiece from Napa Valley Celebrations; maids in red photo by Meg Smith

Third row: butlered red wine from Napa Valley Celebrations; calligraphy by Laura Hooper; geometric high heels from Modern Day Design; photo booth photo by Meg Smith

Monday, Monday + Road Trip

{via Black*Eiffel}

Good morning, lovelies! I'm off on an exciting road trip, so posting this week + next {yes, it's that long!} will be a bit more spotty than usual. Hang tight, though: I've got some good stuff to share, starting with an inspiration board coming soon!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Weekend + Polas

Loving Nicole Hill Gerulat's Polaroids... see for yourself here.

Have a magnificent, sunny weekend friends! We might even get a little peek ourselves up here in incessantly rainy New England.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Have to have Hable

The more design-inclined among you may have heard of a company called Hable Construction. As far as I know {and at least in blogging circles}, they are most famous for producing a fabric pattern called "beads." This particular pattern comes in many lovely colors:

Unfortunately, it is also:

a) only available "to the trade"


b) only able to be purchased in a 3-yard minimum


c) ridiculously expensive (as in, purportedly $70 a yard. Yeowtch.)

Also falling under the category of "unfortunate" is the fact that when I decided that I was going to make placemats for my new abode, I got my little heart set on this fabric. Before I was aware of points A, B, or C.

Since there's no turning back in affairs of the heart such as this, I went looking for similar patterns at dissimilar price points. Here's what I found.

First, there is a way around the whole "to the trade" thing if you're inclined to pay what Hable's asking. Decorati is a great source for access to previously off-limits goods, and they do appear to carry almost all of Hable's patterns {see them here}. I'm not sure exactly how it works, as I've never ordered from them before, but it's definitely worth a shot for those non-designers desperate for the real deal.

Next in both price point and look is the "Hotty Dotty" pattern from Maine Cottage, above. It also appears to be pretty close to the Hable fabric in terms of weight and feel. It retails for $50 a yard, but there is no yardage minimum. They offer three color combinations but two are currently unavailable {the one above - ale/buttercream - is the one currently for sale}. Purchase here.

For a similar price {$42}, Kiitos Marimekko offers a pattern called Pienet Kiivet. It only appears to come in light green. Again, no yardage minimum as far as I can tell. Purchase here.

Lastly, we have an option from Amy Butler's Miwestern Modern line called Lotus Full Moon, shown here in Tangerine. At $8.98 a yard from it is certainly the budget-conscious choice, but for that price you're {or I'm} not going to get the lovely linen weight and feel of the Hable original. Purchase here.

So what did I pick? Stay tuned to find out...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My new favorite...

...boxwood garland. Not that I had an old favorite boxwood garland. But you get the idea. It remains to be seen what I would actually do with said garland once I had it in my hot little hands, but I would very much like to get the chance to find out, wouldn't you?

If I was getting married anytime soon, I would put it on top of the cake, like Martha:

{Ohhhh Martha}

But alas I am not, so perhaps I will have to string it beneath a fireplace mantel or hang it on my front door or use it to finish off a package. What would you do with this garland if it was yours?

If you have a good idea, you can purchase a 25-foot long coil at Bell'occhio for $9 + s&h.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Venue Scout: Kirkwood Gardens

While in New Hampshire, I also had the chance to visit the Kirkwood Gardens, a beautifully landscaped property in Holderness. Because I perpetually have weddings on the brain, much like Church Landing, when I clamped eyes on this space the words "ceremony" and "reception" immediately jumped to mind. Back in front of a laptop, I did a little research and found that they do, indeed, hold weddings in the gardens.

First, how about this or this or this for some garden party inspiration?

The upper lawn, shaded by majestic old trees and ringed by a blue stone patio, is the perfect location for dinner and dancing (it can accommodate a tent and up to 125 guests).

A set of wide granite steps leads to the lower, sunny, flower-filled lawn. I'm picturing a ceremony with the guests seated in chairs (or even quilts, for a casual celebration!) on the lawn below, with the bride, groom, and officiant at the top of the steps.

Guests could mingle throughout the lower lawn during cocktail hour (a strolling musician would be perfect here!). See that photo above? Those are peonies. So. Many. Peonies. Just waiting to burst into bloom for your celebration.

See more information about holding your event at the Kirkwood Gardens here!

Bonus! Ridiculously cute animals just a few steps away, at the adjacent Squam Lakes Natural Science Center.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Board No. 37: One Morning in Maine

{Click image to enlarge!}

There are so many reasons why I love this board.

First, it's partially inspired by one of my favorite books from childhood.

Second, it's utterly affordable. Have friends bake blueberry cheesecake, break out heirloom linens from the hutches of relatives for reception tables, pluck and dry hydrangea from a neighbor's garden (or your own!) for a bouquet, and comb the beach for shells in the weeks prior to the wedding to scatter down the center of long tables.

Third, this wedding gets its unique "feel" from the fog rolling in off the ocean - the bride that chooses this board won't have to do the weather dance in the weeks leading up to the ceremony!

Keep the palette muted and soft (cream + lichen green + dusty blue + navy + weathered gray) and you can't go wrong.

The Details
First row, left to right: fog portrait by Jenny Ebert; blueberry cheesecake via Jupiter Images; lichen napkin photo by April Joy Events

Second row: dried hydrangea in blue Ball jars via Weddingbee; mussel escort card table photo by Stacey Kane; Whaler portrait from Brides; bridesmaid photo by Leigh Miller Photography

Third row: lantern photo via Style Me Pretty; beach portrait by Brown Mouse Photo via Once Wed; vintage silver and linens photo by Karl Juengel

Monday, Monday + Hats

{Photo by Woodward + Rick via the LBBB}

Happy Monday, all!

What do we think about this hat? Would you ever consider wearing one for your wedding day? Maybe at the end of the night with a going-away outfit? It's very Jackie O, but maybe a little but too much.

My Mom wore a hat when she married my Dad, and growing up my sisters and I were convinced that this was a poor choice on her part. Now I'm not so sure...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Weekend!

{Photo by Leigh Miller Photography via the Little Black Book Blog}

I've really, really, really wanted to go to the Elephant's Trunk flea market, ever since Eddie mentioned it a few weeks ago {seriously, watch that video, he's hilariously awesome}. It's kind of a long drive, though, which is stopping me. Anyone want to be my road trip buddy? Veils optional.


I'm moving soon and am seriously considering treating myself to a rubber return address stamp from Paperwink. Above are the four designs I like. Which one do you think I should order? Let me know in the comments! {Seriously, let me know or I'll probably never be able to choose. And that would be sad.}

If you'd like to order one yourself for the bargain price of $18, you can see the rest of the address designs here. Their labels are super cute as well - I particularly covet the "Bee" design.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kristin & Carter

When this seaside wedding from Melissa Schollaert landed in my inbox, I knew immediately that I had to post it. The details are lovely, and the location itself is stunning.

Kristin and Carter were married on Gasparilla Island, on Florida's Gulf Coast.

Kristin's fancy flats were Delman and her gorgeous dress was by Amsale.

To my eye, it looks like her bouquet contained lilies, daisies, and Queen Anne's Lace. The crosshatched raffia wrap around the stems fits perfectly with the beachy vibe. The flowers were done by The Red Monkey Florist in Port Charlotte.

Kristin and Carter were married in a tiny white church just yards from the shore.

Guests were given fans that doubled as programs to keep cool during the ceremony.

Dried eucalyptus wreaths tied with raffia hung on either side of the church front door.

After ceremony portraits were taken on the lush and appropriately named Banyan Drive.

The cocktail hour and reception was held at the Boca Bay Pass Club. I couldn't resist the Deviled Eggs shot.

Tables were topped with fish netting, island greenery, and blue glass bottles. The reception tables were named after different species of fish.

The bride's and groom's seats at the reception were decked out in more eucalyptus and raffia. A sparkler exit lit up the end of the night.

Thanks so much, Melissa, for the beautiful photographs, and to Kristin & Carter for sharing your day with all of us! I do have a few more details, so I'll do my best to help out with sources if you post in the comments. You can also see more here and here.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Venue Scout: Church Landing at Mill Falls

While in New Hampshire last week, I had the chance to visit Church Landing at Mill Falls, a resort on Lake Winnipesaukee. Though built just a few years ago, it has the charm of a turn-of-the-century lodge with all the comforts of a modern inn & spa. Though we arrived on a dismal, drizzly day, I couldn't help but imagine a wedding on the premises.

Throughout the wedding weekend, guests could cozy up around a fireplace, a boardgame, or a conversation. In my imagination, the "windowseat room" could even double as an intimate ceremony location, I think. {Just remove the center table and pull up some chairs!}

There would be no need to leave the location for portraits, as the entire property is lovely.

The ceremony could take place on the lawn or in the gazebo (that boasts a built in aisle!). After, guests could gather in the sunken garden {below} or even around the pool, lit up for the occasion, for the cocktail hour. Dinner and dancing could be under the stars or in Church Landing's ballroom, then the party could head back out to the pool and its fire pit for post-dinner marshmallow roasting.

And what better getaway at the end of the night for a wedding on the Lake than this?

{Last photo by Browers Photography via The Bride's Guide, all other photos by moi}

This is all just my dreaming, of course. You'd have to check with the resort to see what's actually possible, and you can do that here!