Thursday, June 4, 2009

Currently Coveting...

...cowboy boots. One of my besties rocked a pair last weekend with a black knit dress, a leopard print scarf, and gold hoop earrings {she's cool like that} and ever since I've wanted a pair of my own. I'm looking for ones that are really beat up and not that weird red color - dark brown or a deep buttery tan for me, thank you! I would wear them with dark skinny jeans, pearls, sundresses, and french braids {but not all at the same time}.

I'll give you the links, but don't steal the pair I want, okay? Starting from the top left...
Cherry Pick Vintage
Elizabeth Wren Vintage
Cherry Pick Vintage
Becky Drolen
Buffalo Beck
{all on Etsy}

Yippee kay-ay-YAY!

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