Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday, Monday + Hats

{Photo by Woodward + Rick via the LBBB}

Happy Monday, all!

What do we think about this hat? Would you ever consider wearing one for your wedding day? Maybe at the end of the night with a going-away outfit? It's very Jackie O, but maybe a little but too much.

My Mom wore a hat when she married my Dad, and growing up my sisters and I were convinced that this was a poor choice on her part. Now I'm not so sure...


  1. i like the idea of wearing a similar hat with your going away outfit or vintage wedding. it's very vintage chic! you'd have to find just the right hat.

  2. I once wore a vintage cloche with a little veil on it to a friend's Derby Day wedding...everyone wore fabulous, Kentucky-Derby inspired hats, and the bride wore a vintage, cream top hat to match her vintage sidesaddle habit (this was all on horseback and at a farm, obviously). In that case, the bride's hat was absolutely perfect and complemented her perpetual mint julip quite nicely!

  3. Meghan:

    That sounds amazing. Ah-maze-ing.


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