Friday, December 17, 2010

Nutcracker tonight + 101 reminder!

Hi, friends! TGIF! I am particularly excited that it's Friday because I am going to see the Nutcracker tonight!! I think I might be the only person who danced in the Nutcracker for ten years and still LOVES everything about it, including the music. LOVE it.

(New York Times)

Also, just a reminder to any of you who are thinking about joining me in the 101 in 1001 challenge on January 1: be thinking about your list! I've got 87 challenges so far on mine. If you need some inspiration, consider checking out these lists:

Brooke from Claremont Road
John from John Takes a Hike (partial)
Ashley at Our Little Apartment
Melissa Jill
Danni from Oh, Hello Friend
Kerri from Your Wishcake

Happy weekend!


  1. Thanks for the reminder! I started working on mine tonight because I read this post. It feels so much more accessible when I look at the lists of others and draw inspiration from their goals. Thanks for the links!

  2. It sounds funny but I was thinking about that in the shower! I'm so glad you posted about it because now I don't feel so bad stealing the idea from you. I definitely have some goals to fulfill. I'll be making my list. Incidentally, I saw the Nutcracker tonight for the 20th year in a row (for my sis's bday). It gets more interesting every year!!

  3. I love following your list. I'm in the process of developing mine, and pop over to yours when I need a bit of inspiration!

  4. Thanks, Miss Brit! I just put the finishing touches on the list I'm starting tomorrow, and I'm really excited! Be sure to pass on your list when you finish it!!

  5. Thanks to Lara, I am reading this post. I love your goal list and the book you keep the progress in. I'm up for the challenge as I am in process now.


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