Monday, November 8, 2010

In which I consider buying a leopard jacket

Am I crazy? Ever since I saw this faux fur jacket on Simply Seleta, I've been seriously considering running to Anthropologie sometime this week. Let's forget the price tag for a moment. Would I actually wear this? I feel like I would probably only feel like I could wear it if the rest of my look was perfectly put together. You know, skinny jean capris, a cute headband, a chic watch. This is not a black fleece you can just throw on with anything! Would buying this jacket be inviting unrealistic expectations... or provide motivation? I have other leopard pieces, such as a pair of ballet flats, but this would be taking things to a whole other level.

Discuss, please.


  1. Personally, I'm kind of scared of animal print. I want a pair of leopard flats, but haven't found a great affordable pair. My best friend LOVES leopard and has a zillion pieces. I would say she definitely would wear something like this. However, if you are more like me and prefer your animal print sparingly, this might be too much. Maybe a faux fur piece in fake dark brown sable or mink would be better for you.

  2. Ellie, I think you are probably correct. I LOVE my leopard ballet flats (got them at Target for very cheap, FYI!), but I think a darker sable might be better for me for a piece as substantial as a coat. But, since it's more the pattern than the fur that I'm attracted to, would it still be worth it? Decisions, decisions...

  3. I love it!! I would definitely say motivation...but everyone has a different personality....I'm thinking taffeta or chiffon party skirt, patent heels and a stunner headband for night and perhaps skinnies, flats and that chic watch for day! It could go a million different ways but like I always tell my sister....only you know what you'll wear for sure!

  4. I've only JUST discovered your blog so I may be too late to comment on this but I really hope that you bought it. My husband (then boyfriend) bought me a full length black and white leopard print jacket in the mid 90s & I still wear it & love it...... it's more versatile than you'd think. :)


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