Thursday, October 29, 2009


Y'all know about my well-documented love affair with this bedding (see more here). Yes, yes, it is beautiful. It is also, unfortunately, VERY expensive. We're talking $129 for a king-sized Classic Bed Skirt, $229 for a king-sized Classic Sheet Set, and $44 for ONE Classic Standard Sham.


What can I say? I'm a sucker for that beautiful black embroidery.

But clearly I'm not in a position to be buying a $129 bed skirt. Clearly. And even though Christmas is coming, I really have no desire to ask someone else to buy me a $129 bed skirt.

For someone who is proficient with a sewing machine, embroidering a double row of black thread probably wouldn't be all that difficult. After buying a less-expensive skirt I could take it to a seamstress and pay for him or her to embroider it.

And this tailored cotton bed skirt from Garnet Hill is a nice stand-in for the Rubie Green version, don't you think? It's $68 for a king size with a 14" drop (an 18" drop would be $78). Add $15 for embroidery and I'm still saving $46.

I also like the Signature Hemstitched Percale Sheets from Garnet Hill (highly recommended by the dearly departed Domino!). If I bought a king-sized pillowcase set ($38), fitted sheet ($60), and flat sheet ($65), plus paid another $15 for embroidery, I would still be saving $51 over the Rubie Green pieces.

So what do you think? Still too expensive, or palatable? And for those of you who have experience with hiring out embroidery: am I budgeting too little? What would be a reasonable price for what I want done?

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  1. Still kind of expensive. But with your $51 you could almost buy yourself a sewing machine and do it yourself.


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