Friday, October 28, 2011

Steve Madden flats

These two lovely pairs of shoes have been on my wishlist for months. I do already have a pair of leopard-print flats, and though they're my favorites, they're pretty tired (probably because they're my favorites...). On the other hand, I don't have any light neutral flats, and I think these would be a good addition to the wardrobe. But what do you think -- is it silly to buy two pairs of the same style of shoes, even if they're in different colors/patterns? Which one would you go for?

Leopards $89.95 // Natural $55.45


  1. No! I found the cutest (most comfy) blue ballet flats and loved my pair so much that when they came out in pink, gold and cream I bought those too. And I don't have that many shoes. I think as long as you'll wear them often and they're comfortable. Why not?

  2. I love those flats! I agree - it's not silly to buy more than one of a style, especially if they are comfy and you love them!

  3. I LOVE Steve Madden flats...I just bought a pair of gold sequined flats that come in red also and I'm debating whether or not to buy those too! I am all for buying the same shoe in different colors/styles. The leopard print is adorable!!

  4. I have these in black and love them! Definitely recommend :) JCrew also has a cute leopard print patent flat in their JCrew Outlet (open on weekends) in brown or grey. I have the brown ones and they are super cute and comfortable.


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