Friday, September 17, 2010

K + C Get Married: The Film

Kate and Cormac Get Married from Emily Ayer on Vimeo.

I feel terrible for holding out on you for so long, but here's the video John and I put together for Kate and Cormac's wedding. It was definitely a labor of love (20+ hours to edit), but it was one of those things where once we started, we almost couldn't stop until we finished it!

It takes you through our whole week in Maine, from loading everything onto the Island, to lots of preparations, to the wharf jumping, the welcome dinner, and finally, the wedding day. I hope you enjoy, and that it only whets your appetite for much for to come!


  1. Loved it- Such a beautiful spot! Great job editing!

  2. What a sweet gesture! The wedding looked like tons of fun in a beautiful location.

  3. Thanks, ladies! It was a really fun project :)


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