Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kate + Cormac DIY: Ribbon Drink Stirrers

There will be much more to come from Kate + Cormac's wedding, but I thought I'd pop in with this simple DIY before the pro pics arrive! As one of our projects, K and I put together tons of beribboned drink stirrers for the reception. They were easy to make and a big hit with guests.

I've heard from lots of brides that made something similar and were disappointed when they had piles left over at the end of the night because they sat unused on the bar. My tip? Ask your bartender to stick one in each drink before handing them over.

For this project, you will need wooden skewers, ribbon (I like using 5/8"), and a sharp pair of scissors.

Begin by cutting your skewers in half. J was my right hand man for this step, so I'll have to double check with him as to the method he settled on, but I believed he used the mini saw from a utility tool.

Next, cut a length of ribbon (approximately 8 to 9 inches should do). Fold the ribbon in half, then fold it in half around the skewer.

Pull the tails through the loop you've created...

...then cinch the knot tight. If you'd like, notch the ends for an extra-polished look.

Of course, if you'd prefer I do the heavy lifting for you, I have a few for sale in my Etsy shop. Colors are completely customizable!

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  1. Thank you SO much for your tutorial. I've used it to make my own drink stirrers, and mentioned your site on my blog Before the Big Day! xG


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