Friday, August 27, 2010

Blue and white decor

It's easy, it's breezy, it's beachy and nautical without being too obvious, it's casual, it's elegant. And I love it. Especially that blue velvet couch. And that tumbleweed.

I'm thinking this might be my new decorating direction. But, you know how that goes... we'll see if this one sticks!

All images c/o Real Simple


  1. We had that cool blue and white motif in the living room at first, and I really liked it, but your Mom felt it was too cold for the front/north side of the house... -- RCA

  2. Didn't see your email on here, so thought I'd just leave a comment! If you're still looking for fabric retailers in town (Raleigh), I saw this place on Glenwood yesterday and it reminded me to Google them!

    Mill Outlet Village (or whatever it's called) in North Raleigh and now Midas are both on my "to check out soon" list... I need to find something fabulous for our dining room chair seats :-)

  3. Hi Lisa! Great tip -- I'll have to check them out! And if you're ever looking for my email again, it's up in the left-hand corner :)


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