Monday, August 31, 2009

Board No. 47: A Formal Affair

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This board is for Katharine, one of my lovely co-workers. She's decided that I'm going to plan her wedding, and so every day I learn a little something new about her personal do's and don'ts. It's a hilarious back and forth, because while I embrace the "cute" and unexpected, Katharine's buzzwords are "classic" and "traditional." She wants white or ecru engraved stationery, white roses, an evening ceremony, and maids in black dresses. Based on this and the fact that she doesn't like flowers (what?!), I'm always telling her she should have a winter wedding. Let's consider this board part of that campaign.

The Details
First row, left to right: Ralph Lauren ad; ceremony photo by Clifford Brunk via Style Me Pretty

Second row: hair pin photo from Flower Wild; invitation from April Joy Events; shoe shot by Brandy J Photography via Southern Weddings

Third row: bride + groom portrait from Brides; cake; winter wedding exit photo by A Bryan Photo via Snippet & Ink

Fourth row: Lilikoi Press invite via 100 Layer Cake; bow tie still life by Johnny Miller

Monday, Monday + RH in Paris

{from Restoration Hardware}

I'm loving everything about this room right now. I've got a whole lot of neutrals going on in my apartment, and though I love this look in magazines (and above), I haven't quite figured out how to master it for myself. I think it's about the mix of shades, from caramel to pure white, and the textures: the rough wood of the shutters, the shine of the pendant, the gilt frame, the mounded bedding, the hobnail chair, the vintage suitcases.

I had a lovely weekend - I went hiking and to an outdoor Sweet Honey in the Rock concert. It was hot hot hot at the concert but I had a seat by the pool. What did you do?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Weekend + Chalkboard Paint

{via Style Sisters}

First, love this pantry. Second, love the chalkboard paint. I bought some a while ago (like... a year ago. Last September. Do you think it's still okay?) but haven't found the perfect spot for it yet. This is such a great DIY project, though, because it requires minimal time + minimal skills but makes quite the impact once completed, don't you think?

AND Martha has instructions on how to color your paint.

Have a great weekend, friends! After my adventures last weekend, I'm hoping to lay low. I do, however, have this lovely lady's bridal shower to attend! What are you all up to?

Summer Travels: Seaside, FL

Last weekend I was in Seaside, FL, for a photoshoot.

(Ooo la la how glamorous is my life?)

Well, the answer is not that glamorous, because I was so busy helping other people (i.e. professional photographers) take photos that I didn't have a chance to take many of my own. BUT because Seaside is one of the most photogenic places I've ever been, I feel the need to share some images with you. And thanks to Flickr, I can!

In Seaside there are amazing colors and architectural details...






...there are amazing ways to get around town...


...and there are amazing places to go!






My favorite part of the trip, by far, was scouting locations for the shoot. We rode around the resort on pastel-colored beach cruisers and it. was. amazing.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My NEW new favorite...

...chair. Remember when I wanted this one? Well, I've got a new favorite, and at an almost $1,500 discount (WOW!) to the Horchow version, Target wins. Check it out: they've got a wide variety of super cute upholstered options, and the reviews say the quality is more than worthy of the price. Only available online; purchase here.

Bonus! Target's currently running a discount on furniture: spend $125, get 15% off. Furniture also ships for free. Every little bit helps!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to school II

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You knew there would have to be a part deux, didn't you?

1. Assorted labels (25 for $10 at simplesong)

2. Cornflower checker storage box ($98 at Hable Construction)

3. Notebook ($6 each at Carrot & Stick)

4. Alligator note pad ($9 at Boatman Geller)

5. Mint julep pencil cup ($21 at See Jane Work)

6. Marvy Uchida Le Pens ($.90 each at Art Stuff)

Back to school

{Click to enlarge!}

It's the first year I'm not headed back to school in oh, about 16 years, but that hasn't stopped me from making a first day wish list. What would be on yours?

1. Atlas envelopes (set of 8 for $8 at Bombus)

2. Large Rand McNally Globe (sold out at The Brick House)

3. Alphabet rolling stamp ($25.28 at LemonTree)

4. Vintage wire desk tray ($58 at See Jane Work)

5. Vintage magazine holder ($28 at See Jane Work)

6. Wire desk organizer basket tray (sold out at 26 Olive Street)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Board No. 46: Alice in Wonderland

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I've always loved Lewis Carroll's classic, and this board is loosely based on Alice's adventures. Fancy cucumber sandwiches and ice cream in tea cups, anyone?

The Details
First row, left to right: big bow bride photo by Agnes Lopez via Style Me Pretty; tablescape photographed by Steve Steinhardt and designed by Beth Helmsetter via SMP

Second row: votives photographed by Steve Steinhardt and designed by Beth Helmsetter via SMP; ice cream in tea cups styled by Kate French; bouquet by Ink & Peat via Snippet & Ink

Third row: multicolored bridesmaid photo by Jose Villa; tea sandwiches by Martha Stewart Weddings; boutonniere photo by Tec Petaja via Once Wed

Fourth row: personalized tea cups via 100 Layer Cake; envelope liners from Rebecca Thuss

Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Weekend + Handmade Soap

{Image via 100 Layer Cake}

Hello, darlings! Though I love a pretty picture as much as the next gal, I've decided to switch up my Friday posts a bit. Instead of simply wishing you well, I'm going to leave you (and me - us!) with a DIY project to start our weekend on the right note.

I don't know about you, but I often think about the balance I'm striking in my life between gathering inspiration from the internet (oh, such an endless treasure trove!) and gathering inspiration from the world around me - the people, places, and things I actually interact with every day. Oh, and sometimes attempting to translate that inspiration into something tangible. And then getting back on here and sharing it with you all. What a cycle!

Long story short: I really love weekends for the chance they afford me to get out and do things - things that just seem to fall by the wayside Monday through Friday. I hope ending the week on a DIY note will inspire us all to spend our time a little more intentionally - and a little more creatively!

Today's project is from the fab blog 100 Layer Cake. Y'all know I love preparing for guests; it should come as no surprise that I love the idea of stacking individually wrapped soaps in a guest bathroom. These would also make lovely gifts, don't you think?

Full instructions and more photos here!

Have a fantastic weekend, friends!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bake It Pretty

Loving these brightly-hued cupcake liners from Bake It Pretty. I can see these heading for someone's stocking come December...

{Top image from Better Homes & Gardens; all others from Bake It Pretty}

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My new favorite...

...print. It's beautiful in its simplicity, isn't it? I also love the creamy color of the stock. Designed by the very talented Beauchamping on Etsy. I have a very patriotic J in my household who I'm sure would love to get his paws on this little number. Buy it here for $75 or here for $35 and check out the rest of Beauchamping's prints here.

The best part? The states are proportional.

{via Black*Eiffel}

Latte Bowls

I love them. This is (part of) my collection. I try to add three or so bowls a year, mostly when I visit this store and sometimes when I visit this one. The best part? They're always coming out with new, beautiful colors.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Paint Chip Placecards

That's right, I made placecards. Even though there will only be four of us, including guests.

But I love them, and they took me all of about two minutes to make. Want a set of your own? Pick your favorite colors from the paint chip displays at Home Depot or Lowe's. Fold them in half. Write your guests' names on them. Et voila.

Be My Guest

{All images from Boatshed Chic}

So this evening J and I are expecting our very first non-family overnight guests. Being the type of person I am, I've been excitedly making preparations for the last week or so. My first step? Running to my over-stuffed files of magazine clippings filled with advice and just WAITING until I had a house of my own. I thought I'd share with you a few pieces of houseguest preparation wisdom I've saved over the years.

1. If you don't have a spare bedroom, invest in an air mattress or a feather bed mattress pad that can be unrolled in an out-of-the-way corner.

2. Collect complimentary toiletries from hotels or stock up on sample sizes at the drugstore. The basics: a new bar of soap, shampoo, toothpaste, a toothbrush, a razor, and body lotion.

3. To keep track of towels and washcloths, provide a different color set for each guest so everyone can always identify his own.

4. Set out a selection of local maps and attraction information so your guests can explore on their own.

5. On a bedside table, place a single bloom in a simple vase, a nice clock, and a selection of books and magazines suited to your guests' tastes.

6. To outfit the bed, Martha suggests: "Make up a double bed with four ample sleeping pillows -- two medium or firm, and two soft -- as well as two smaller pillows to prop up the head when reading. Use cotton or linen sheets, starched and ironed for hotel crispness. Provide both light and heavy blankets, as well as a lightweight throw for afternoon naps."

7. Provide a small desk or cleared tabletop and stock it with pens, pencils, notecards, postcards, and stamps.

8. Place a pitcher of spring water and a glass or a water bottle in the room.

9. Consider your guests' food preferences, and make sure your kitchen is appropriately stocked. Show guests where to find snacks, drinking glasses, and utensils, and encourage them to help themselves.

Most important? I love what Martha had to say about hosting houseguests: "Creating spaces for guests in your home involves more than providing a comfortable place to sleep; it's an opportunity to make people feel welcome and ensure that their time spent with you is memorable." Obviously some of these tips are more basic and some are more elaborate, but the intended effect is the same.

So how have I done with these tips, you ask? Let's see:

I'm lucky enough to have a spare bedroom and an air mattress, though I don't quite have Martha's collection of pillows. I made sure to provide an extra throw at the foot of the bed. I've set out a bowl with sample sizes of my favorite toiletries, though I don't have extra toothbrushes or razors. I washed, folded, and arranged washcloths and towels, and have put a luggage stand at the side of the bed for easy suitcase access.

I LOVE the idea of setting out postcards from local attractions but haven't had the chance to pick any up yet - I might just set out some notecards, instead, though I don't think that's quite as fun. I picked some flowers for the table on our evening walk yesterday.

And my personal favorite? Our guestbook is ready and waiting. My family has always had guestbooks at our summer cottage, and we have spent many hours over the years looking back at what we and our guests wrote and how our handwriting changed. So, so fun.

Check back later today for one last project I undertook to get ready for our guests.

Most tips from Real Simple and Martha, I think, though some of the sources have been lost.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Board No. 45: Teal Appeal

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Summer might be drawing to a close but it's still hot, hot, hot where I live. I think this cool palette of aqua, pale blue, and key lime is a nice antidote, don't you?

The Details
First row, left to right: boutonnieres from Martha Stewart Weddings; ring shot by Jose Villa; dress shot by Patricia Lyons Photography via Southern Weddings

Second row: wedding party photo by Jenny Ebert; details shot by Patricia Lyons via SW

Third row: tulips shot by Jose Villa; drink stirrers from Martha Stewart Weddings

Fourth row: getaway car photo by Patricia Lyons via Southern Weddings; flowers photo by Paloma Images via SW

Monday, Monday + Porches

{Image c/o Country Living}

I spent the weekend finishing up the porch project I alluded to last week. It doesn't look quite like the darling spot above, but it does the job. What did you do?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Weekend + Confetti

{Photo c/o Sarah K. Chen}

See the rest of this dreamy wedding here.

Boston Photographers

More reader mail! Erin writes:

Hi Emily,

I found your blog while looking for ideas for my upcoming November wedding. Your posts and all things wedding capture the sort of style I am looking for, and the photographers you like are the style I am looking for but have not yet been able to find in Boston. In some of your posts you mention New England and Boston so I thought I would ask if you knew of any photographers in the area. The ones you link to on your site are mostly from the West Coast and so far the closest I can find that is the same style is in Tennessee. If you know of any in the Boston area and would be willing to send me their names I would really appreciate it!


Well, you're in luck, Erin! I am from the New England area and went to school outside of Boston, so I'm happy to recommend vendors in my beloved corner of the country. As Erin notes, many of the photographers I routinely feature are from the West Coast (in fact, five of the eight photographers I link to in the sidebar are based in California). However, that doesn't mean that there aren't fabulous photographers with a similar aesthetic in New England. Here are my top five favorites in the Boston area. {Incidentally, to the best of my knowledge all are based in Connecticut but willing to travel throughout New England, if not the world!}

Justin & Mary Marantz are a husband and wife team. Website and blog here. Famous for getting to know and love the couples they work with and for weaving a narrative of the day with their image sequences.

Carla Ten Eyck is known for shooting with at least one (and sometimes more) second shooters - a perfect bonus for couples planning larger weddings or who want every detail captured while not missing out on the spontaneous emotion of the day. Some of her second shooters also shoot weddings solo, which could be a great choice for a couple with a more limited budget. Website and blog here.

I love that in 2005 Steve DePino bought a house that sits right across the street from the baseball diamond where he played his first Little League game. Sounds like my kind of storybook. Besides that, I love the relaxed, unobtrusive nature of his portraits and his great eye for detail. Website here and blog here.

Amanda Herzberger of Orchard Cove Photography is another fabulous pick. On her website, she writes that she looks forward to capturing your "extraordinary everyday moments." I think her photographs capture that dichotomy quite well. Website here and blog here.

Studio Foto is perfect for couples with a bit more of an edge. Another duo with a fabulously unique perspective and a true talent for capturing the emotion of the moment in a photograph. Website here and blog here.

Love what you see on P&P but having trouble finding vendors that match your aesthetic? Let me help! I'll even consider requests outside the New England area :)

peachandpearl {at} ymail {dot} com

I'm an open book.