Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Weekend + Chalkboard Paint

{via Style Sisters}

First, love this pantry. Second, love the chalkboard paint. I bought some a while ago (like... a year ago. Last September. Do you think it's still okay?) but haven't found the perfect spot for it yet. This is such a great DIY project, though, because it requires minimal time + minimal skills but makes quite the impact once completed, don't you think?

AND Martha has instructions on how to color your paint.

Have a great weekend, friends! After my adventures last weekend, I'm hoping to lay low. I do, however, have this lovely lady's bridal shower to attend! What are you all up to?


  1. I really like chalkboard paint too! I think that you should put some on your door to the sort of storage room in your kitchen. I can't remember if your doors are like the one's in photo, but if they have those panels then I think you should take advantage of them.

  2. They do! And I would love to try that. I'd have to check with the leasing office, I guess...


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