Thursday, May 21, 2009

Interview Outfit

It seems like it's interview season, doesn't it? I've got one coming up down south. The company's vibe is professional and put together + also fashionable and fun. I don't want to wear my full suit because I'm afraid it might be too much and I know I would be sweltering. My plan is to wear the skirt {navy, high waist pencil, nubbly material}, my white Jackie cardigan, a silk-ish blouse, and cute shoes.

{Click to enlarge!}

I'm eying two J. Crew blouses at the moment - the solid silk garland cami {shown above in white sand} and the silk georgette pleated tank {I would order it in light pewter}. The garland cami is $60 and the pleated tank is $40. So my questions for you, dear readers, are as follows:

No. 1) Which top do you like better?
No. 2) If you like the garland cami better, which color should I order it in - white sand or light pewter?
No. 3) Can you help me find some cute shoes that work with this palette? Because CLEARLY these Augusta peep toes are not in my budget {even at 30% off}. And something tells me peep toes are a little too casual for an interview, anyway. Even though I would love them for the rest of my days.

Thank you thank you!

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  1. Great outfit! I like the solid silk garland cami - love it, actually! Though, the pleated tank does strike me as more 'interview-ish'. But for a fashionable/fun work environment, I think the garland cami is perfect!

    I'd go with light pewter for the top- I like that it introduces another color to the palette, and I think it will look better with the white cardigan. Plus, I just think that top looks fantastic in that color.

    Those peep toes are adorable! No suggestions at the moment, but I'll be on the look-out!

    Best wishes for a great interview!!


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