Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rosecliff: The Jewelry

So I know I haven't revealed my dress {I apologize again!}, but we're moving on. Today's topic is jewelry, specifically what sort of jewelry will best complement my deep royal blue, movie-star glam, trumpet silhouette ball gown.

My initial impulse is to go all-out with the earrings and keep everything else low key. The dress is pretty out there on it's own, so I don't want the jewelry to be too overwhelming, but I think having all of my accessories pretty neutral would look out of place with a dress of this sort.

Here are the contenders, all from White Aisle:

Newbury earrings: sterling silver, 1.5 inches long, $30

Elise earrings: sterling silver, 1.25 inches long, $30

Annapolis earrings: sterling silver, 1 inch long, $30.

As you can see, there's no price differential, so that doesn't help me decide. I'm initially drawn more to options 1 and 3, and I think I might be a little overwhelmed by earrings that dangle one and a half inches, as my everyday earrings are pearl studs.

Which pair do you like the best? And do you think I should just stick to earrings, or go all out with a necklace and bracelet, too?

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The Dress
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  1. The second and third options are beautiful and perhaps more practical, but I think the shape of the first ones go best with your dress because they are both long and slender. Also, they are definitely hollywood glam and would go well with the up-do! I think you are right to stick with just earrings; a necklace would be overwhelming. I think a bracelet would be a nice, but optional addition.

  2. I think #1! and I agree with Jackie, no (or small) necklace. But a sparkly bracelet would probably be ok....

  3. My favorite? the Annapolis earrings. although they are all so pretty :)


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