Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My new favorite...

...tote! And talk about a recession beater - while I have a deep love for J.Crew, their madras tote (below) just can't compare. L.L. Bean offers three different sizes: mini (7inx7.5x5, $19), medium (12inx13x6, $25), and large (15inx17x7.5, $29), two shades of patchwork, extremely sturdy construction, monogramming for just $6, and a lifetime guarantee.

J. Crew? They offer one patchwork and one size for $68. It clocks in at 13x17x8, in between L.L. Bean's medium and large offerings, so you do the math!


  1. I've been almost-ordering one of these for ages, and this put me over the top today. Way to push my consumerism forward!

    But seriously, my old beach bag is busted so it's a *completely* practical purchase.

  2. And there's a lifetime guarantee - it doesn't get much better than that!

    {Can you tell I am a long-time lover of L.L. Bean?}


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