Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cool and classic cocktail party

Have you all seen Kevin Sharkey's cocktail housewarming party? It was in the September issue of Living and now has a gallery on Martha's site here. Some of the details were ridiculously over-the-top and almost nauseating (hundreds of Hermes boxes stacked in the shower? Using Chanel lipstick as markers?), but others were chic, charming, and easily replicable.

I loved that the only decorations were massed white and silver balloons with trailing strings:

And I thought turning the dining room table into a ping pong court for the evening was brilliant:

But my favorite takeaway of all was the Oreo cake. I actually don't like Oreos, but I have several friends who love them, and I can definitely see this idea being pulled out for a future birthday! Milk shooters would be the perfect accompaniment.

What did you think of Kevin's party?


  1. I really don't know what you are talking about; I ALWAYS use chanel lipstick when I cannot find my dry erase markers, and moving my collection of Hermes boxes every time I take a shower only takes 35 minutes. :)

  2. I loved that Oreo cake, but I would just simply stack Oreos on the outside of a buttercream cake if I was doing this in real life. Because no one should want to eat a "slice" of 20 Oreos in one sitting.

  3. OMG. I love this oreo cake, also great for the vegan population!

  4. Annie -- I agree! I kind of pictured guests just taking one cookie at a time and nibbling instead of going in for a whole slice!

  5. As a lover of Oreos, mostly the double stuff, I love the cake idea. Although I agree with Annie , a slice of that cake might, just might, be a little too much!


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