Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lewis & Sheron Fabrics

Y'all know I needed some help finding fabulous fabric sources a few weeks back (though I did end up with something beautiful for my curtains). I've stumbled upon another great online source, Lewis & Sheron Fabrics, and thought I'd share for those still looking! The patterns are stunning, and the pricing is almost equally so. Here are some of my favorites:

$15 and under per yard:

Cross section in green

Coral Bay in periwinkle

Criss cross in pear

Canopy in baby blue

$20 and under per yard:

Elyse in yellow

Rumelia in platinum

Links in indigo

Parterre in porcelain

$50 and under per yard:

Suzani in jewel

Links in 29

Akamai in pink

Which is your favorite?


  1. Thanks so much Emily! What a beautiful selection of fabrics! It's hard to chose just 1 :)

    Eddie & Jaithan

  2. Love Canopy in blue, Rumelia and Parterre :)

  3. All are lovely, especially Suzani in Jewel. What have you decided?

  4. Hi Lulu! Still haven't decided :) I have to come to a decision on an accent color for the bedroom, and that hasn't happened yet. Someday I'll make up my mind!


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