Monday, January 4, 2010

101 in 1001: January, 2010

As many of you know, I'm entering the third and final year of my 101 in 1001 challenge. It ends on September 28, 2010. I'd like to complete as many goals as possible before then, so to keep myself accountable, I'm going to report on my progress on the first of every month (or close to it!). I'll tell you how many goals I've completed, how many goals are in progress, and which goals I'm going to be focusing on for the month.


Goals completed: 32
Goals in progress: 24

Action steps:
1. Read three more books of the Bible for no. 3.
2. Send one more handwritten letter for no. 10.
3. Buy a book of New York Times crosswords for no. 25.
4. Look into local opportunities for mini internships for nos. 34-38.
5. Read another financial literacy book for no. 43.
6. Post snack list for no. 45.
7. Complete no. 57.
8. Research growing tomatoes for no. 86.

See more details on any of these goals right here! What are your resolutions for the new year?


  1. We can do #76 when you come to see me. Just remind me. It's very delicious.

  2. I'm still up for #52. You pick the date Emma and we'll make it happen. :)

  3. Also, I'm considering taking the train in May when I come home. If you're interested in taking it one way with me for #79, I will definitely do so. I bet we can find you a cheap flight to or from Chicago.


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