Wednesday, December 16, 2009

P&P Christmas, Day 5: My favorite things

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Are you a ritualistic sort of person? I definitely am. I love traditions of all sorts, and though I'm not a stickler for doing things exactly as they've always been done (ahem sisters), I do have a few activities I try to make a habit of doing every December.

Make peppermint hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies (I want to try my hand at homemade marshmallows next!)
Go ice skating outside
Hang an Advent calendar and open it through December
Drive around to look at the neighborhood Christmas lights (inherited this one from my grandmother!)
Hunt for a Christmas tree at a cut-your-own farm
Make tweeks to my Christmas decorations
Make and mail out Christmas cards to friends and family
Attend the candlelight Christmas Eve service(s) at my church
Buy a new Christmas CD
Bake cookies
Pick (or make) the perfect gift for family and friends (seriously -- one of my favorite things)
Get creative wrapping gifts
Attend a performance of the Nutcracker
Put up a wreath
Go to a Christmas concert
Read the Christmas story from the Bible
Eat Monkey Bread on Christmas morning


  1. What is Monkey Bread?!? Sounds good..I hope it involved banannas!

  2. Monkey Bread is amazing. It's basically pieces of dough dipped in butter and cinnamon sugar then packed into a bundt pan and baked. Then you pull it apart with your fingers to eat, hence the moniker. Alas, it does not involve bananas.

  3. I have, however, heard of versions where you make your own dough, and there's banana in it.

  4. Wow, that sounds even better than what I was picturing!

  5. Yeah, and you all make fun of me for insisting that we have it every year. Just be thankful. :)

  6. Monkey bread is ammmmmmmazing. Caught that last part of this post before I went to switch to "older posts" and had to comment. I took a few photos of our monkiness this Christmas for posterity sake. Love your blog! GREAT post on Lara's site - living authentically. Sounds so obvious but yet, it's not. FAB.


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