Thursday, November 5, 2009

Party time! The Runner-Up

I'm going to a party tomorrow! I have to say, I'm generally not a huge fan of parties unless it's a group of people (however large) that I know and love -- which is to say, I'm not always comfortable schmoozing with those I don't know -- but I DO love dressing up.

Usually I'm happy to repurpose pieces that are already in my closet, but for this occasion, I really looked hard for a new dress. Unfortunately, I was unable to come up with anything within my budget. (Which was, ummm, $50. Yeah, not too likely.) Just for fun, though, I decided to put together a few looks. This first one is what I consider the runner-up: colorful and fun, but a little more geared toward summer than fall. Also, probably not quite a fancy enough fabric on the dress.

[UPDATE! I found a dress! And for just $70! From Macy's! Man, I have good luck at Macy's. Thought you'd enjoy these posts anyway. Pictures of the actual dress coming next week!]

1. Amanda Archer Monarch Pleated Collar dress

2. Via Bella Tangerine Dream clutch

3. J. Crew Pippa Mirror ballet flats

4. J. Crew Infinity earrings


  1. I have an Amanda Archer dress. LOVE it! She made it in a custom color for me, and I wore it to my bridal shower. Nothing better than a dress made to fit you perfectly!

  2. Claire (my roommate from NC) and I love these outfits so much! She loves this combo but I'm partial to the pretty pinky one with cowboy boots! P&P, you can be my personal shopper anyday! :)

  3. Awww you know I'll happily find (either of you!) an outfit anytime you're in need.


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