Monday, November 23, 2009

Board No. 5: Blue and Orange Thanksgiving

{Click to enlarge!}

Here's an oldie-but-goodie for you to enjoy as I am going a little crazy preparing for my trip home for Thanksgiving! See all of the details and the image credits in the original post here. Fun fact: This is one of the boards that gets me the most hits from Google Images! I guess there are quite a few brides out there planning a blue and orange wedding? Who would have thought?


  1. How do you know what gets you the most hits from Google?

  2. a) you post to google?!
    b) people search for inspiration boards on google??

    who knew?

  3. Hahaha you two are too funny! To answer your questions: I don't "post" anything to Google, but my content is searchable (and yes, people search for inspiration boards!). The reason I know that this is a board that gets quite a few hits is because I have an account with GoStats, and it tells me exactly where my referrals come from (i.e., what site people clicked to P&P from). Make sense?


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