Thursday, November 3, 2011

Faux fur fuzzies

Kind of in love with this faux fur jacket from Kate Spade, despite the fact that I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have too many opportunities to wear it. I do enjoy that it has a built-in muff, which helps compensate for the 3/4 sleeves. (I never understood why winter jackets ever have 3/4 sleeves... anyone??) And that little bow! So sweet.

Unfortunately, this fine jacket has the not-so-fine price tag of $845, so I think I might have to console myself with these faux fur ear muffs, which retail for just $12.99.

My Mom is probably dying of laughter right now, because I'm pretty sure I adamantly refused to wear ear muffs as a child. But alas, my ears get cold, and I think I look weird in hats. So ear muffs it is.


  1. Yes! I am laughing, because you most certainly didn't want anything on your head. The only time you would give in was sometimes when you were sledding down the "big" hill next door! Or possibly during your skiing career :)

  2. The 3/4 sleeves are so strange! I've always wondered why people design/make/wear those... Especially in The Netherlands where I live, since we ride bikes so much. It's just way too cold!
    Love the ear muffs! =)

  3. Love the jacket...we were just at the SF Kate Spade and saw it in person, it is definitely divine! I think earmuffs are so cute, but hated them as a I love to try them on but know I would never wear them!:(


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